"Tablo Connect" on the Roku

Please add the ability to use the Roku to access a remote Tablo (Tablo Connect).

It’s pretty disappointing not to have since that was one of the main usages for me.


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THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME.  I need to be able to set up the WiFi connection using a PC and Browser or ROKU device.  I have no Android with 4.2 and I cannot for the LIFE OF ME understand why you would create a device that requires the LATEST Android OS.  I cannot upgrade the one generic tablet I have with 4.1 and I specifically asked before Pre-Ordering if I would be able to use a laptop.  For God’s sake, this is pretty disappointing not to even be able to set up the device.

@YYC_TV - We're forwarding all feature requests on to the various teams. Not sure if this is possible but we'll look into it.

@tremjo - I know it's quite disappointing. We would have liked to have backwards compatibility for Android but there are some key things missing in 4.1 that make the app break. We're going to try to get that fixed but there's no ETA. 

@tremjo - I have the same issue; a Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1 that will likely never see an update past Android 4.1. I was able to setup using all of the following: Chrome and IE on Windows 8.1, Chrome on OSX Mavericks, Chrome on my android phone.  I did not test anything else since these all worked fine. 

I have tested Roku 2 and LT. The LT took some rebooting to get it connected but once connected to works. I would suggest some cache writing to load the various menu screens quicker.

Just to be clear for the above posters, I had the Tablo working just fine with the Roku 2 and 3 when on the same network.

It’s only the “Tablo Connect” aka remote access that’s not working on the Roku.

Tablo Connect is pretty darn good on the Apple TV. Tablo devs : please please please add the Tablo Connect to the Roku soon!!!

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@YYC_TV - I have that feature on the wish list. We’ll be sorting through it in the coming weeks and prioritizing.