Tablo Connect for Roku?

Has progress been made on this feature? I have a second home with terrible OTA coverage, but my primary home with the Tablo gets 60+ channels.

The second home also only gets 1mbps DSL, preventing multiple people from streaming simultaneously, So what I did was attach a Roku 1 to an RF Modulator, and then a signal booster, to broadcast the Roku to every SD TV in the house, so if we can’t watch more than one thing at a time we at least don’t have to be stuck in one room.

Anyway, to summarize, I need to be able to stream from my Primary Home’s Tablo, to my secondary home’s Roku 1. Is this functionality even being worked on or do I need to give up and work on a different solution?

You need to give up and hope username / password comes soon.For immediate results I suggest Nexus Player (don’t know if still available for $50) or a FireTV stick. Remote location works for both but requires be paired prior to being deported to remote location. Also some upgrades cause a repairing.

Even with a NP and use of Tablo Connect, the use of 1 Mbps or less remote streaming quality to ensure playback without buffering issues likely will be poor quality on an HDTV.

The 1 Mbps looks ok on a small phone screen but not on an HDTV.

Can you get faster internet at the remote location?

Well playback quality isn’t an issue, because most of the TVs are older CRTs, and the quality of Netflix and other streaming services never bothered us.

As for a faster connection, the only options are bandwidth capped mobile hotspots, or Comcast. We used to have Comcast but they kept jacking up the price, and since we aren’t down there all the time it wasn’t worth the cost, or terrible customer service, to keep using them. Even if it meant sacrificing decent download speeds.

What kind of upload speed does your primary home have? That will also have an effect. I use 750 MB for remote.

25-50mbps, depending on the mood of my ISP.

25 - 50 Mbps is an insanely fast upload speed? Are you sure this isn’t your download speed you’re quoting?

You need something like this:

I have 50 Mb/s down and 5 Mb/s up and getting slightly more than I’m paying for

I’m lucky that my primary home has a better selection of ISPs. I pay for 50mbps down/up, but it’s been fluctuating a lot lately. Might be a problem with my modem. Haven’t had time to call my ISP about the issue.