Tablo Connect cellular

After setting up Tablo connect I got the confirmation:
“Tablo Connect is enabled and ready to use on this device”
But when I try to connect via cellular service, it cannot find my Tablo. I assumed once I got the positive confirmation I wouldn’t have to do the port forwarding. Am I wrong in assuming that?

Which Tablo model do you have?

Tablo Quad network

Yes… and No. If it says it’s ready - port forwarding is/was enabled. That is, port forwarding is necessary! Weather you manually -most reliable option- configure it, or use UPnP to automatically configure things.

More detailed information may be needed for complete assistance from the experts.

Thanks for the reply. In dug a little deeper and was able to enable (properly) the connect feature. Thanks again

Update - went to connect to my Tablo from my phone and it didn’t connect. Went to the settings in and I noticed that the public port numbers of the Tablo changed from the time I earlier set it up successfully. For whatever reason it didn’t seem to “stick”. Ideas??
(Tablo Quad network)

Have you assigned the Tablo an IP address on your router? If you don’t it could be changing and that would break Tablo Connect.

Thanks. I gave the Tablo a static IP and all is well!

fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: