Tablo Connect Buffering

I have a Tablo Dual Tuner box connected to my LAN at the office. We have 80MB down / 10 MB up internet service from Century Link.

I am tying to run Tablo Connect from Home, where I have 25MB down / 2 MB up service from Comcast.

No matter whether I set the Tablo Connect speed to Full or 1.5MB, I am constantly getting buffering. This used to work just fine 3 or 4 years ago when I 1st got my Tablo box. However, more recently Tablo has become completely useless.


What playback device?

Try another device for remote streaming. If the buffering continues there is likely some issue between your work place and home causing the speed to be slow. It is not always just about the upload speed at the host location and download speed at the remote location, the route between the two across the internet can cause problems.

…how is the tablo connect to your network?
…how is your “viewing” app/device connected to it’s network?

I have the same problem with the app on my iPad and Fire TV sticks. I don’t have any problems streaming Netflix or any other streaming service.

Netflix doesn’t use your upload speed at the location where the Tablo is, very big difference. Netflix is hosted on servers where you likely have instant access to via your ISP.

My Tablo has a hardwired connection to my router. On the remote end, I am connected via wifi.

All of the devices I have tried at the remote end have the same problem with Tablo Connect. I have absolutely no control of the internet between the two locations.

This is the same problem that I identified two years ago in this post: Unbelievable Buffering with Fire TV Stick

The last time Tablo Connect worked properly was when the Tablo Box was running ver 2.2.24.

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