Tablo cloud is experiencing big problem - hang in there

Just spoke with Tablo rep. I am getting this message when trying to view a recording ‘error; unknown playback error’. Seems they are experiencing a big problem with the cloud communication and are currently working on the issue. Glad to hear it is not on my ending. Just hang in there hopefully it will be back soon.


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Hey @Cindy you beat me to it! I was just about to make a post detailing this. As you mentioned, the Tablo Cloud is experiencing some issues right now. We’ll have an update available very soon to solve this. We’ll make sure to announce it when the update has gone live.

An update is now available to solve this issue! Full details here:

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Any chance the cloud dvr will be an option for other Tablo users?

The DUAL LITE is the only Tablo with the technical capacity to handle uploads to the cloud DVR. The original 2 & 4 Tuners don’t have the memory to hold a recording as it gets uploaded, and the DUAL 64 isn’t designed for it.