Tablo Channel not working in PLEX

Tablo Channel in PLEX seems to be bipolar. Sometimes I can see Tablo in PLex and other times PLEX cant connect to my Tablo. When I can see Tablo in PLEX I can only see about 4 or 5 tv channels under live TV and I can’t see any of my recordings. Any thoughts? What might I be doing wrong? BTW I tested PLEX and Tablo separately both on my local network and over 4g and both work great, independently of course.

Tablo app was broken by 2.2.6 Tablo firmware update. 2.2.8 is out and IT’S STILL BROKEN. 4 TVs that no longer access my Tablo. 1 on Samsung DVD player and 3 on Samsung Smart TVs. Any chance this will be fixed…ever?

Updated from 2.2.2 to 2.2.8 Friday with some assistance from David in support. Much improved performance on my three TV’s, all with ROKU 3’s.
Also like the new public channel. Overall much better in initial use.

I am running 2.2.8 and my Plex server is using a Seagate Personal Cloud NAS device.
I did have to remove and reinstall the Tablo Plex Channel but it is working somewhat. There is an issue with the “RECENT RECORDINGS” and LIVE TV" not working but I am able to see my other recordings and they play back as expected.

I think the Tablo Plex Channel development has really stalled. There is also an issue with the iOS Plex apps on iPad and the new Apple TV that are not allowing direct play. For some reason it wants to transcode everything and my current Plex server is not powerful enough to do any transcoding, that is why I have everything encoded MP4.