Tablo Channel Issues on SamsungTVs

Just got my Tablo DVR and it’s up and running great. Added the Tablo
channel to my Plex server without issue. Launched Plex on my TV,
selected the Tablo channel, it found my Tablo DVR just fine, I can see
the recordings and such on it. However when I select a recording to
watch I get an error indicating an incompatible media format. When I
try to use the channel through the Plex web interface from my Mac or
Windows machine I can play the content without issue.

My Tablo DVR is running the latest firmware which is 2.2.8 I believe.

Any suggestions or thoughts of what to try?

Does it work in Plex on any other device?

which Samsung? What are you running your Plex server on (transcode settings?)

my immediate first thought is that Plex is
a) not properly determining the playback capabilities of the TV, or
b) not properly transcoding to the appropriate format.

I have only tried it from Windows and Mac through the web interface which works. I have not tried it on say an iPhone or another device yet.

Plex is running as a plugin on my FreeNAS system.

I don’t have the Samsung model numbers with me as I’m at work but will update this post later with them.

All my other content from Plex (Movies and such) stream just fine. Only Tablo gives the error on the TVs.

My transcoder settings from my Plex Server:
[ ] Offer higher bitrates over 3G connections
[ ] Down-mix DTS audio for LG Media Link
[ ] Enable Dolby Digital on Apple TV
Transcoder quality [Automatic]
Segmented transcoder timeout [20]
Transcoder temporary directory [ ]
Transcoder default duration [120]
Transcoder default throttle buffer [60]
Background transcoding x264 prest [Very fast]
[X] Prioritize streaming transcodes

I can say that for my devices (primarily PC and Android), the native Tablo apps run much better than the 3rd Party Tablo plugin for Plex. (It would be nice if Tablo would take over/ convert the 3rd party app to a 1st party one, but that may just be a pipe dream on my part)

If your main goal to viewing recorded, you might want to try the Tablo Ripper to move recorded content from the Tablo to where you keep your recorded media on Plex. This would reduce the number of intermediaries between the content to be transcoded, and likely allow Plex to better handle the transcode.

(I have identical settings to yours, and I get proper -but slower- operation under the Plex app as with Native Tablo apps. But I have no Samsung TV’s)