Tablo Channel App Not

Had my Tablo for a while, currently using 1.1.7 build. I’ve also have a RPi with RasPlex for a while that I updated to 1.7.1 and Plex version Plex is running on a Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Tablo works great and so does Plex, but they do not seem to work together.

From the Plex channel listings I selected Tablo, but it reports “Could not connect to your Tablo”

Is there anything I need to do?

The Tablo channel for Plex doesn’t work with recent firmware versions. Until a third party updates the Plex channel, it’s not going to work. The Plex channel (app) is not an official Tablo app.

And it has not been updated in ages.

You could try installing Kodi on your RPi. Then install the Tablo add on in Kodi.

Anyone help us get Tablo back on Plex ? It would be appreciated…

The 3rd party developer hasn’t been on the forums in a while.

There are multiple 3rd party dev members with API access that are looking to get this back up & running.

Thanks -looking forward to it.

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