Tablo Can't find TV Shows

I’ve got a perfect storm of problems going on with my tablo. I’ll try my best to keep this short (it won’t be, though. Sigh).

Here we go!

  • I was shipped a new credit card and forgot to change the card on file and may have had a slight lapse in my channel guide service (one day tops).
  • I came home from work today unable to connect to the Tablo on my laptop. Last time this happened, I cleared my browser cache and all was well.
  • After that didn’t work, I followed the instructions for a reset on the box (I didn’t do a factory reset; I only clicked the button, I didn’t hold it down).
  • I tried to load it again, and it was able to find the Tablo and sync. Great. But there was nothing there. No channels, no recordings, no primetime, no anything. It’s all blank.
  • I checked settings. My settings show my subscription is active, it showed all of my channels just as I expected them, it showed my used DVR space, also as I’d expected. Everything looked good in settings.
  • I thought, since my channel guide may have lapsed, that I should re-scan for channels and everything would pop back up. It completed, and I can watch Live TV if I click on a channel, but no content is loading on that page, and all other pages are still blank.
  • I chekced my Roku to see if it was a computer only problem, and my Roku also can’t find anything.

I really hope I don’t have to do a factory reset. If so, this is a majorly cautionary tale to not let your channel guide subscription lapse, as that’s the only thing I can think of that could have triggered this in the first place.

I’ve searched the forums and help articles and I just don’t know where to go from here. If anyone has experienced this before and has advice, I’d love to hear it (I really, really hope I don’t have to do a factory reset—hope even more than my half a second click on the reset button didn’t do it for me).

EDIT: I fixed it on my iPad and Roku; it’s only the web that is still broken. Hopefully with its next major sync it rights itself.

I tried to delete this post, but I couldn’t see a delete button.

@ashcro85 - Not sure what you did to fix but generally if things become unresponsive, the best course of action is to reboot the router, the Tablo and then your devices in that order… Waiting a few minutes in between. That usually makes everything right as rain again.

Now as for the web, try doing SHIFT+Refresh and/or clear your cache. That should get you going right on that app.