Tablo As Antenna Extension

A neighbor had asked me last year to install an antenna in his attic. This year, three months ago, he built a home theater in his basement and asked two weeks ago how we could run a wire from his attic down three floors to his basement such that he could view television in his home theater through his projector.

After assessing the situation and the degree of difficulty of running wires several stories down (he absolutely refused to have the coax running down the walls outside), I recommended he get a Tablo, set it in the room where his router is (which is right under the attic), run a cable from the antenna only one floor down and use a Nexus Player in his home theater. The Nexus Player is connected to his projector and wirelessly connected to the router\Tablo. (Notice I avoided selling him on the Roku LOL).

He’s a happy camper now, after several weeks of OTA in the basement\home theater. I look forward to watching the Super Bowl on a huge screen.


Nice work, sounds perfect for his situation.

If he has some expendable income and is enjoying Android TV, tell him to check out the Nvidia Shield TV. It’s runs Tablo (and every other streaming app) even better than the NP, and is very future proof with a ton of cool features like 4K 60fps and HDR Video support.

Edit: Not sure if he is a gamer, but the Shield is also a great gaming machine.

That’s interesting because he is thinking of upgrading his projector to do 4K in the near future. 1080p is OK on a huge screen but 4K will make the viewing experience better.

It’s also occurred to me that in this situation I was using the Tablo as an “antenna hub” to distribute the antenna signal over the whole house using its LAN capabilities. That is quite a differentiator. HomerunHD also has this distributive quality.


The OTA streaming feature was the main selling point for me on the Tablo.


Me too!

I also suggest that to my customers. Why break walls and drill all over the place when you can stream it all over the house with no damage and ugly wires all over the place.

Best feature ever!

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This was one of the driving reasons I opted for a TABLO because it was very impractical to run antenna leads thru my home as completely finished and it has firebreaks in the wall which to run a wire would require ripping off the walls to drill holes in the firebreaks… the situation was so impassible that even Comcast said “screw this” and actually dropped two different lines from the telephone poles to our house just to get cable service to televisions on either side of our home. By passing OTA via my home computer network it solved a lot of ugly issues.


Same here. Solved a huge problem for me. Once Tablo started building apps for connected devices, I decided to give it a try.