Tablo Apple TV App (4th Gen) Early Access Program


And TabloTV was making a statement about the AppleTV beta testing and how to sign up.

Wonder if they anticipated any replies.

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I have signed up! Hoping to get access and help with the process.

Has anyone gotten any beta approvals this week? Signed up Friday but haven’t heard anything. Just really want to use my updated Tablo with my Apple TV!

My apologies for the delay. We’ll be processing the last few days of requests shortly.

I have three  tv 4th gen’s. Was going to sign up then saw it may cause issues with my device. I can’t risk that, they are expensive

What issues are you talking about? Where are you getting the information that the AppleTV beta testing will ruin your AppleTV in any way?

During the signup, you have to agree that the possibility exist that it may cause issues with your device. They are to expensive to take that chance. lol. Fire stick I would, tho are are $35, but an  tv. Hmmm

I don’t remember seeing this but it was probably standard boilerplate text that I skipped past.

I haven’t seen anyone experiencing an issue where their AppleTV has been destroyed, but I can understand your hesitation. Maybe @TabloTV can give you a little more information about why this is there.

Thanks for bringing this up – I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it! I guess that’s what factory resets are for?

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Anytime you actually beta test a product strange phenomenon might occur. Maybe you weren’t really a beta tester but just wanted early access to the app.

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I just got my AppleTV all set up and I’m looking forward to this! Hopefully the app will come soon.

Just signed up for the Beta. I have 3 Apple TV’s and 1 gen 4 Tablo. Would love to ditch my slow Firestick and use Apple TV exclusively.

Please include me in the Apple TV beta test! I bought a 4th gen Tablo not realizing it wouldn’t work with my Apple TV, so if I can’t get into the beta, I’m going to have to return it, and really looked forward to being able to use this neat device! I’ve completed the survey — just waiting on approval. Fingers crossed!

We have been using Tablo with Roku since January. We would like to switch to Apple TV and get rid of Roku. Hoping to be added to Beta.

Just signed up for thee beta. Have one 2G and one 3G Apple TV 4K. Looking to be picked.

Inviting consumers to beta test is a great idea. I am familiar with using the TestFlight app and have led a team to develop a multi tenant real-time network status portal.

I have only recently learned about Tablo, purchased it, and am astonished at how much content is available to the public. Tablo organizes this content into a very consumable service.

Please invite me to be a beta tester.

Did you sign up?

I did… hadn’t see an email invite yet…

Fear not, we’ll be processing another batch of folks today.

Just added myself to the list please send the link! Thanks!