Tablo appears to be dead

Tablo is not working. No lights are flashing. I tried to reset, still no response. Help please.

Try a hard reboot (unplug power). Check your power connection. You should get flashing blue after reboot.

Thank you very much. I tried that and it didn’t work. I unplug, plug back in and reboot and get no lights.

You may have a lemon. Best contact customer Service Good luck.

This might seem obvious, but check the 120 volt source to the power transformer. Sometimes a circuit breaker will trip, or the “wall wart” may be loose in the socket. I have found sometimes extension cords with molded outlets can have one or more bad sockets. Finally make certain the power cord is plugged in properly at the back of the Tablo itself.

I had a power supply go bad too. In my case I got a solid blue light and it never blinked. so I was getting power but not good power. I checked the volts out at the power supply and it was good but it did not work. Power supply is fairly specific too. Tablo worked with the new power supply.

@Desimolina Some great suggestions from @Wolfpack - contact our support team either way!