Tablo app update disaster

We have four TV’s and four Amazon Fires – one connected to each TV. We use all four to watch our one 2-Tuner Tablo. On 12/21/16 we were alerted on only one TV that there was Tablo App update available, so we downloaded it. Ever since we’ve not been able to go onto Tablo from that Amazon Fire – it keeps saying “there are no Tablos on the network.” I’ve deleted the App and reloaded it but strill no luck. HELP!

@Gary_Van_Zandt We’re investigating and tracking this now here.

I have the same problem with my chromecast and my samsung tablet since I downloaded the update, I rebooted Tablo and Chromecast many time, but I only have one result : No. Tablo was found on your network"

I really need your help !!!

Moto X 2nd Gen; Tablo app nor Tablo via Google Chrome will not connect to my home wifi after update Dec 2016. error on screen message says NO Tablo found on your network. I have Laptop, iPads, iPhones via Firestick & Chromcast. on this network working fine. Problem with MOTO X ONLY…

Best way I Found to cast to Firestick or Chromecast from Apple devises is Video & TVcast FireTv, Video & TVcast Chromecast. serch;

Now none of the four Amazon Fire TVs can find the Tablo. I contacted Amazon and all they say is they’re aware of the problem and working on it (which means they’re all out having donuts).

Neither Tablo nor Amazon seem to care…