Tablo App on UK Roku

I cross the pond a lot and have a UK TV licence etc I also have a UK Roku 3 which I use here for all the British stations- far better than US roku in terms of access to all the content over there from Sky etc, but I can’t add Tablo via my UK roku, I had to use my US ID (which works) but I lose ITV, Sky etc, is it possible to fix this?

The Tablo is only for US and Canadian customers.  So I am not surprised you had this issue.  I seriously doubt they have any plans to release a UK Tablo app.

@UKex @snowcat is correct here. We don’t currently have a Tablo app available in the UK - sorry! That being said, never say never! You can sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on developments like this:

I think OP wants to use their Canadian Tablo to watch their Canadian stories on their UK Roku.  Unless I misunderstood.


I would use the plex tablo app but it doesn’t appear to be working (that would resolve eveything best of all worlds on both sides of pond).  I am looking to use via my Cdn OTA while in Canada, I have access to this no problem and it works great it would just be perfect if I could have the app on with the BBC, Sky etc rather than switching to another roku all the time, I have chromecast as well but not a tablet just smartphones. I can access the UK content in Canada and US no problem with DNS switching.  So if the plex app doesn’t work- which would resolve all problems- the only thing other than switching roku boxes everytime is to use my US id.  Is there any way of getting the North American tablo app onto the British roku or is that impossible - again it is linked to Canada not UK. Hope that is clearish, multiple children attacking me right now.