Tablo app on Chromebook - no sound

Hello all,

any ideas on how to get sound while viewing/accessing your Tablo device on a Chromebook. Sound works in other apps so it isn’t that. Everything works as expected accessing the Tablo on a Roku (well other than the 10.5 annoying crashes of the app) and on my Firestick 4k so it isn’t the Tablo. Just imagine there is a setting or something I’m missing.

thanks for any ideas in advance

Do you have surround sound enabled? If so that is the reason for no sound on a Chromebook.

If not the surround sound, have you tried Chrome? Although it shouldn’t be an issue, the tablo app is technically an Android app - Play Store. Not from the Chrome Web Store.

WINNER - feel lame for a sound issue I didn’t check the sound settings of the Tablo (face palm). Thx a ton so easy a miss by me. It was the surround sound checkbox - when swapping between using the Tablo from my Roku Ultra and my Firestick 4k I don’t even think of that option since both use surround sound in my setup. My Chromebook is the first time I’ve tried to use my Tablo on a device that doesn’t support surround sound so didn’t even think of the toggle on/off setting for it.

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