Tablo app not on Fire TV

I searched for the Tablo App on my Fire stick and I didn’t see the app. Does anyone know what’s going on?

I already have the app installed. I’m just wondering why I’m not seeing it in the Fire TV App Store.

Maybe try searching for “Nuvyyo”?

I reported it here a few weeks ago, but Tablo appeared to wash their hands of it and didn’t follow up with Amazon to find out why.

Well, to be fair, at that point you appeared to be the only person having the issue, which generally points toward it likely being something on your side, not theirs. Now that another person may be encountering the same issue they may decide to dig deeper.

If you give the actual process(steps) that were used on the fire tv stick to uninstall the tablo app and the tablo preview app.

And then how you used your amazon account to unmanage the tablo app and the tablo preview app.

And that the amazon account now only shows the tablo for amazon fire tv app. And that you use the amazon account to deliver the tablo for amazon fire tv app and that instead of having the 2.1.5 app appear on the device the 2.1.3 app appears - maybe there might be a hint of something. And it’s not to factory reset my Fire TV Stick.

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