Tablo app not connecting, amber link light constant on

Good morning all. We had a storm last night and my Tablo Quad quit working on me, so I turned it off and decided to attack it in the AM. It is does have surge protection. Tried the normal restart the modem, restart the Tablo, restart the modem, restart the Tablo, factory reset the Tablo. Aall throughout as soon as the unit gets power the amber light is steady on regardless of whether there is an Ethernet cable is plugged in or not.

Tablo Quad
WD external HD
Amber LL constant on
Blue light blinks @ 1Khz

Do you have another power supply you can try on the Tablo? Tablo does sell replacement ones for about $10

Good idea. Replaced 12VDC/2A(+) with 12VDC/2.5A(+) no change.

Think you’re going to have to wait and call into support tomorrow. The unit might be damaged from a power surge?

If you haven’t already, send our team a note and we can investigate.