Tablo app keeps saying "reconnecting to tablo..." Every minute or so

Tablo app keeps saying “reconnecting to tablo…” Every minute or so.
This is on a brand new sharp TV with built-in Roku.
I have 2 other Roku3 an Amazon Fire TV, firetv stick, PC and Android phone and they are have no problem with the tablo. Only this one device does. Also only the tablo app has this issue. HBO now, slingtv, Plex and all other apps can stream without a problem! This issue renders tablo unusable on that TV. Very frustrating!!! At first it couldn’t even find the tablo. I have rebooted tablo now this issue.
Any ideas? Please help.

Welcome to the Sharp Roku Tv. I had similar problems until I moved my wireless router. It was caused by lack of wireless bandwidth. For giggles log on to VUDU and in VUDU setup run the bandwidth test to see how it looks.
Also in the sharp Roku rerun the wireless connect.

Seems like rebooting router and tablo has fixed the issue for now. Hopefully it holds. Weird that it was only that one app on that one device that had the issue.
Especially when I had rebooted both devices before.

@Bmwpowr Give us a shout if you have more issues!