Tablo App for Windows Stopped Loading

I have been using the Tablo app for Windows 10 for several months with no issues. It has been a fast and easy way to access my content on my media PC displayed on my LG TV. For some unknown reason the app has stopped loading. The logo screen comes up then the app dumps out and just disappears. I can access my Tablo from a web browser on this same PC. I can also access just fine on iPhones, iPads and other PC’s on the network.

I have uninstalled the app on this PC and downloaded it fresh and installed it again with the same disappearing results. Any ideas?

Could you be in Windows DLL hell. Where one or more DLL’s are missing or in the wrong location, missing API, or privilege level. You would think there would be some info in the event log.

Possibly, but nothing changed with my system except perhaps a Windows 10 update. Prior to that it had been working great. I tried a system restore back to an earlier date where everything was okay and it did not fix the issue.