Tablo app exits to ROKU menu at exactly 3 minutes

As of 3/29/2023 I suddenly have a problem–when viewing either live TV or recordings–whereby the Tablo app on Roku exits to the Roku menu after exactly 3 minutes. Prior to today, I have been using this same setup without issue since December 2021.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Tablo app on Roku, to no avail.
I have updated the firmware on my Tablo, to no avail.
I cannot repro this problem when viewing from the Tablo Web App, which suggests it is a problem with the Tablo app on Roku, specifically.

Equipment: Tablo Quad TQNS4B-02-CN

What version of software is on your Roku? I know V12 is coming…

11.5 Build 4312. I checked for new updates, but there are none. Sigh. Not sure WTH happened but might have to switch to Fire TV or something. Thank you for responding.

Try unplugging the Roku if you haven’t already.

My problem isn’t quite so severe and only showing up on my Roku soundbar (I have a Roku TV and a Roku box hooked into another TV). Randomly, when using the remote to advance, the Tablo ‘locks up’. I can get a spinning wheel, or sometimes just a black screen, but nothing within the Tablo app functions. I have to exit to the Roku and then go back into the Tablo app and it all works then (until it locks up again that is). Sounds like Roku did something that the Tablo app doesn’t like. Why can’t these people just leave stuff alone when it’s working sigh.

Okay this worked. And I feel really stupid for not trying such an obvious fix on my own. Thank you.

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