Tablo app crashes on ios8

Hi all,

Just updated my iPad (with retina display - aka iPad 3) to ios8. When browsing the live TV schedule, as soon as you reach the bottom of the list, the app will crash. It happens every time. Looks like ios8 introduced some “features” that have made the Tablo app unstable. I’ll post more issues if I find any. 

I can confirm this on iPad 2 as well @TabloSupport

@aatb @Jestep We’ve confirmed this with our developers and are working rapidly towards a solution - stay tuned.

I have an iPad 4 and i can confirm this on it as well…

Glad it’s not just us Android users that get hosed after OS updates! :smiley:

I guess I won’t be updating my iPad2 right away.  But thank you brave souls for updating and finding out problems like this. :slight_smile:

It’s like the joke around work every time IT updates any of our systems “This shouldn’t effect you…”  

Weird … I updated to iOS8 and have not had crashed on my wifes older ipad2 … or my air.

It happens on my air.

@TabloSupport Part of supporting a platform is testing against the next rev. of the OS. It’s been available for quite some time for you to test your app. You (and we) shouldn’t have been surprised.

Very interesting, I’ve been running it on IOS 8 for months, have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?


Last night we became aware of a bug in iOS 8 which causes the Tablo iPad app to crash once the user scrolls to the bottom of the Live TV screen. 

Our developers were alerted immediately and have been working quickly to identify and solve the issue, and we’re confident that we’ll reach a resolution to this soon. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to submit these changes for review to the iOS App store in order to have it published.   The review process usually takes about one week, and we intend to request an ‘expedited’ app review, which would require Apple to give us a more rapid pass through their internal testing.    

We’re not sure whether or not we’ll be granted the expedited review - as you can imagine, Apple is pretty busy right now. 

Of course, if you have no immediate desire to upgrade to iOS 8, and you stay on iOS 7, you won’t experience this crash at all - keep that in mind.   

Here’s what you can do to avoid the crash: 

If your Live TV screen has 6 or more channels, the app will crash when you scroll to the very bottom of the list - where you’d usually see Apple’s ‘bounce’ animation.

The app will not crash if you don’t scroll all the way to the bottom. For now, try not to scroll to the very bottom of the Live TV page, and you won’t see any crashes.   

If you have less than 6 channels, the Live TV screen will crash straight away. You can fix this by navigating to the ‘Edit Channel Lineup’ section in the Tablo Settings screen and add more channels to your Live TV guide. This will create more space on the Live TV screen so that it doesn’t crash immediately.   

If you don’t have any channels available to fill the gap, we’d suggest using the iPad’s Safari (or Chrome) browser to navigate to the Tablo web app at You can add the web app to your home screen on iOS by tapping the bookmark icon and then selecting ‘Add to Home Screen’ to get rid of the URL controls.

We apologize for not catching this in our testing with iOS 8. We’re investigating to see how and why this slipped through our QA processes. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can.

I guess that explains it, I very rarely watch live tv on the iPad. 

I guess that explains it, I very rarely watch live tv on the iPad. 

Same and I have a number of channels the last 6 or so are shopping channels so I rarely go that far down… 

@TabloSupport, just a FYI incase they did not notice, same thing happens if you scroll all the way to the right as well :wink:

@TabloSupport, new version does not crash, and I see I got some recordings beta look features (not working of course on the non Beta Tablo) :stuck_out_tongue:

Same crashing on my iPad mini running IOS 8.
Happens when scrolling all the way right, or down in live tv schedule.

@cmilne install the new version ftom the app store, it was released yesterday

So, @TabloTV and @TabloSupport

Is the app still crashing and experiencing these issues for iPad users on iOS8? I’m leary about upgrading iOS and haven’t seen anything definitive that these issues have been fixed. I don’t want to upgrade the one device that has a native app and is currently working with my Tablo if I am just going to have more issues. I might throw the Tablo through a closed window if that happens. 

@thebellenir Yep, this is fixed. We pushed a hotfix out shortly after we discovered this.