Tablo app black screen and sound issues on 4K Max Firestick

I’m having two issues with Tablo at the moment. I have a 2 tuner Tablo on version 2.2.2_81059d3e6. I use the Tablo app on two 4K Max Firesticks. These problems exist on both devices.

Problem 1
Sometimes when I open the Tablo App on either of my 4K Max Firesticks, I get a black screen except at the bottom it shows a progress bar with a play button. The times noted at each end of the bar are both 0.00 and none of my remote-control buttons (play, pause, ff) will do anything. I must either reboot the Firestick or force stop the app to fix the problem only to have it occur again the next time I turn on my TV.

Problem 2
There are times when the sound of a program I’m watching continues to be heard after going the Firestick home screen and even when I launch another app such as Netflix or Hulu. Again, only a force stop or a device reboot fixes the problem.

These issues make the Tablo inconvenient and difficult to use. They demonstrate yet another reason this device doesn’t measure up to the Fire TV Recast. Oh how I wish Amazon had kept that system going.

I thought they still supported it just don’t sell recasts anymore.

This is the first time I have ever seen anyone refer to a recast as a GOOD example. There is a good reason the small business ‘friend’ has dropped it off their list of items to sell to their captive audience. As a victim of that piece of junk, I am very angry at being deceived and ripped off by amazon. Amazon almost certainly have some very sharp software people. Unfortunately, the evidence is that there were no software people with any skills involved with the recast. It was and is horribly unreliable and the apparently overly complex system networking model that was not only wasteful but error prone.

Given that your complaint is using the amazon firestick I suggest you may still be afficted by the amazon software development incompetence. I have no idea who wrote the Tablo app for the firestick, but it is not a great piece of software. It appears to have memory leaks and possibly other poor programming faults. When I use it on a firestick I often restart it to get the Tablo app to behave. It will sometimes get very slow in doing apparently disk-oriented operations of have very pregnant (yes, I know that is binary – at least, so far). Restarting the firestick almost improves or eliminates both of these symptoms. It takes about 30 seconds but gives me time to go get another drink or return the lease on the previous one.

Have you tried another client other than the Tablo app on the firestick? I have almost never seen any errors or performance problems when using the Windows version, for instance. It MAY very well be that amazon and their ‘developers’ are the real issue and not the Tablo.

But, I am not always right as my wife has indicated often.