Tablo app and commercial skip

I have seen references that the Tablo app for Windows 10 does not support commercial skip. That seems to be the case on my PC. I can view a program on Roku and the skips are there, but same recording on Tablo app and no skips.

Any updates coming to make it work?

The Windows 10 app does support Commercial Skip, it just doesn’t show Commercial Skip success/failure messages.

That’s correct. There is no indication in the Episode list that Commercial Skip even exists but if you drill down to an individual episode there is a Commercial Skip flag after the episode plot summary.

The flag is there, but the skip does not work when viewing the recording with the app. It also does not show the highlighted “skip” bars.

Does it not show the bars at all, or are they just grayed out? If they are grayed out you can turn Commercial Skip back on by toggling the Commercial Skip icon.

To enable or disable Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip on a per-recording basis from within the playback screen, toggle the Commercial Skip icon which looks like this:

Tablo commercial skip toggle


There is NO icon.

This is the latest Tablo Win 10 app in the Microsoft store, installed 4/16/22.

Have you tried clicking on the “Refresh” button at the top of the “Settings” page? The app is acting like it doesn’t recognize that you have a current Commercial Skip subscription.

The Windows 10 app should actually indicate the commercial skip status of an airing now. What’s happening here is either that you don’t have the premium add-on for your subscription, which gives access to commercial skip, or that you have the ‘Commercial skip detection’ checkbox in the settings menu selected.

If your commercial skip feature is present on Roku, then it’s very likely the second case, as the premium subscription doesn’t change based on the app you use. So make sure that box is checked.

That was it! I had removed the checkbox because of a bandwidth issue. But the show was one that I had previously recorded with the checkbox on and had been processed. The weird thing is that even with the box unchecked on the Tablo app in settings, the recording when played on the Roku still shows the skips and does skip them.

Thanks! Loving the Tablo. If I can just get the wife to use it, goodbye DirecTV!