Tablo anywhere

My daughter is away at college and has a ROKU3. She would like to look at shows I have recorded. Is there any thought in the future that the ROKU can do Tablo anywhere? Sorry if this was discussed elsewhere. I couldn’t find it. Thanks

One solution is to use a Plex server.  Do you have  a Plex server?  If so, the you can access the Plex Tablo channel (community built) to get access to your Tablo.  I only mention this because a fairly big percentage of cord cutters have a Plex Server for handling their already purchased Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs.  Recommended for most people, but obviously can take time to “rip” all of your media (of course, you could just use Plex Media Server for channels like the Tablo channel).

Apart from that, there’s no remote Roku pairing mechanism currently… though it’s often asked for.

Thanks–One more vote for an enhancement.

You can pair a phone, tablet or laptop computer while at home, or remotely via VPN.  Then either cast it to a Chromecast or connect an HDMI cable.  I’ve tested this out at my sister’s house with my phone and my brother in laws Chromecast.  I looks good on the phone at 1 Mbs.  My home internet connection will support a 3Mbs upload rate.

A VPN connection would allow re-pairing the device to the Tablo, if for some reason that’s necessary.  For me, it appears to be necessary if my router reboots, even with the Tablo set to come back at the same IP address.

It does use a tuner on the Tablo to do this.  If a tuner is required for a recording, the remote connection will stop.

The Plex method would not require a tuner.  Though everyone else seems to have Plex sorted out, it’s not working that well for me.  For me, It wont transcode.  It only works locally, though I can see my Plex server remotely and stream already transcoded shows.

The Plex method will also prevent external users from scheduling, un-scheduling or deleting shows.  Which may be a good thing.

Problem with the pairing is next firmware update wipes that out, unless they fix it, but yes this has been asked for in the future.

You can VPN using a router and connect the Roku to router but you’ll require at least 10 Mbps upload speed for the 720p Roku / Chromecast quality setting to get good streaming.

This is what I do.