Tablo Android App and Sound

I recently purchased a refurbished Tablo Quad. I had no issues getting it installed and working however I noticed one little issue that’s bothering me (more due to it not making sense to me). I have my Tablo configured for surround sound, and I realize that could cause playback issues depending upon the device. I am using Roku on my TVs and they all work fine. What’s weird is I have configured remote access and I get sound on my Android phone when off my network however I get no sound when my phone is connected to my network over WiFi.

So I can be in my house connected to my WiFi network with my Android cell phone (LG V40 on Verizon) and I will get no sound from live TV or recordings. If I turn off WiFi on my phone (which then will put me on Verizon’s network and thus I am now remote to my Tablo) and restart the Tablo app, I THEN get sound from live TV and my recordings. I get sound just fine on other other devices, like my iPads or Roku so I don’t think the issue is related to my WiFi/network. I also did a quick test by turning off surround sound in the Tablo and then I got sound on my cell phone when on the local network.

Now this isn’t a deal breaker for me as I doubt I will be using Tablo from my phone while inside my home and it’s great it’s working for me on my phone remotely when outside my home, but it’s just not making sense to me that it doesn’t work on my cell phone when on the local network.

Has anyone else experienced behavior like this?

On a side note, I am really happy with my Tablo so far!

5.1 Surround Sound – Tablo (

Specifically this section…

"Using Surround Sound with Tablo Connect (Remote Access)

When using Tablo Connect, surround sound will ONLY be available on supported devices when using the ‘full quality’ remote streaming setting. However, ALL devices (even those that don’t support this sound profile) can enjoy stereo sound even with ‘Surround Sound’ enabled at any remote streaming quality EXCEPT ‘full quality’."

So I’m betting your Remote Streaming Quality is NOT set to Full Quality and it’s working because of the explanation above.

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Your Android cell phone doesn’t decode surround sound (AC3) that is why you get no audio in the Tablo app when streaming locally.

Remotely the audio is being transcoded to AAC audio because the RSQ is set to lower than Full Quality. Set it to FQ and you also won’t hear audio remotely.

Ah, that makes sense! I have my Tablo remote set to use the default/recommended settings for the remote connect so that’s got to be it. Thank you for information Nilex and theuser86!