Tablo and Router Hostility

Okay, I’ve been recording shows for a while. I’ve played videos with sporadic success. Mostly thought the problems were in trying to display through apple TV.

Today tried to play videos. On my iPhone and my computer I get a message ‘player failed’. On the rook box (new), I get message that machine needs a subscription to do anything (I have a subscription). I tried playing recorded shows and playing live TV. All failed

So I reboot the tablo and try it all again. No change at all. Note that I have the tablo wired directly to router.

So I rebooted the router. Suddenly all devices work fine. Playing recordings and playing live TV.

I don’t have the tablo set up with the remote access thing, so it’s a basic link between hardware pieces.

Anybody got any idea why this would fail in such a way? I’ve now configured y router to reboot every night to decrease such pain. But if I knew the cause I could fix it instead of just working around

Funny you should mention this - I just spent hours trying to figure out why suddenly my PC wasn’t able to access anything with the word TABLO in the URL - INCLUDING THIS FORUM, their main pages, even their facebook stuff!!
I could only access Tablo via my FireTV stick as far as viewing recorded shows or even to know the Tablo device was alive at all!
I have been using my PC to manage my Tablo - for months and months and it worked great until just a couple of days ago. Then suddenly I couldn’t access the device or anything to do with their name or products.
But FireTV Stick worked fine with it.
I then FINALLY after weeks of trying got it to update -using the FireTV stick, to 2.2.7 - we’ve been fighting getting it to 2.2.6 and they finally gave up and aimed 2.2.7 beta at me. That failed all week until TONiGHT and it updated using the FireTV stick.
Then after the thing got the update to 2.2.7 - suddenly here I am able to access it AND the Tablo site and this forum with the computer again. All after it finally loaded the 2.2.7 update.
Now why the heck… I thought it a router issue so I rebooted the router several times, even changed settings around in it for the last week trying to make things better. I could ping the device, I could get a tablo server message if I tried to access it directly in the browser, but could not access tablo or their site otherwise until the device was updated. It’s like it was forcing my router to block traffic with the word Tablo in it or something!

@commander_vimes - Which router are you using? I can inquire with support if they’ve seen issues with that particular one before.

Or you can touch base with them directly. You shouldn’t need to reboot daily:

So, I think I have a resolution for this and should post it here for posterity. Turns out my router (a Belkin, not that it matters in the final solution) was hard-wired to 3 devices (tablo, apple tv, xbox). The wire to the xbox had a broken clip and so would quietly fluctuate between connected and disconnected. This would freak out the router and it would then be too stunned to respond to the tablo turning on. Since replacing that wire, things have been running fine. woo hoo!