Tablo and Roku sittin in a tree

Hello! With the 9044 update to Roku, my Tablo app is working great; non-stop playback like it should. Woohoo!

So I have to figure that Tablo exposed a flaw in the Roku firmware which they have now corrected with 9044. It’s too bad it took a nudge from ESPN to escalate the issue!

The Tablo menu is much snappier, as well, and we haven’t seen any reboots from FF and other transport gestures.



Now if tablo can finish off and release some more of the Roku app features.

Yes! This also gotta be happy news all around for the Tablo team.

I only had a couple of niggles using the Roku app, like don’t stop the live stream when the program ends if it’s being recorded!
Option to auto-play sequential recordings.
Change the behavior when exiting app using the Roku back button to show prompt for Exit? Yes/No instead of the Tablo connect screen.

The issue of “blame” has wasted waaay too many months of time and energy waiting for Roku to supposedly fix their problem. Thankfully the solution now being achieved reflects more team work and shared responsibility without passing the buck or pointing a finger. It’s sound business combined with good engineering, a ‘win-win’ approach which was long over-due.


I’m lovin’ it. No more re-boots …no more LPWs since the update.


Roku still going strong, here!

I still can’t get the 5.1 surround to work, though. :gift:

Mine is working perfectly again as well…like it used to last summer! :smiley: In an attempt to solve the problem, a month or two ago I upgraded my ancient router, so now I have faster internet for all my other devices. Now with the Roku update life is good again.


The released Tablo app for Roku is working perfectly for me now. I’ve tried the beta Tablo app, and found it to be slower, especially when it comes to deleted programs after they’ve been watched… significantly slower. The beta does have a couple of nice new features, but I found it wasn’t worth the added sluggishness. Hopefully, that’ll be addressed before it replaced the current release.

There’s a channel update with Roku for approval with a few new bits & pieces. We’re hopeful it’ll squeak in before Xmas but it may be a New Year’s surprise instead. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the good news…Tablo app for Roku is performing like it should and new features will be icing on the (fruit)cake! :evergreen_tree:

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I have to agree: Roku + Tablo performance has been zippy and trouble-free with the Tablo v2.2.8 + Roku v7.0 Build 9044!!

I have not been able to get either Roku 3 4200X or Roku 3 4230R to crash any more!

Great job @TabloTV, et al!

I actually prefer the sort order of episodes – most recent first – on the Roku to that of the Nexus Player; so this makes the Roku my preferred streamer for Tablo except:

Just need to have Tablo Settings menu and Schedule Recordings for it to be a wrap.

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Can we get any more info as to what will be updated on the Roku channel and when we can expect it to be actually available?

Thanks yet again!

As far as I know it will just be brought up to the same build/feature set as the current Beta channel.

Hmmm… I am not a Beta tester so I don’t know what new features/fixes are in the Roku Beta channel. Please reveal all, IF you can. lol

By the way, how can I apply to be a Beta tester?


The Roku beta channel is freely available here.

That is the case but to get to the Tablo beta forum, ask @TabloTV. Also there is Android beta and beta for the Table itself. Running beta on Tablo itself is more risky.

Just to be clear. None of that is necessary to try the Roku beta.

Those other betas are available though.