Tablo and Plex LINUX?

Anyone running Plex on Linux and ripping shows automatically? Tablo the ripper seems good for Windows but what’s the best solution for automatic ripping of shows if you aren’t using a Windows machine? I don’t run a Windows machine 24x7 and may stop running Windows altogether in the near future. Thanks!!

I use capto along with wrapto and cron jobs.

wrapto helps specifying filenames for specifics shows and paths… and then some.

Capto by it’s self can do fine as is, I find wrapto helps with the automation.

Others seem to get things done with SuLa Tablo on non-Windows systems as I understand. I have no knowledge of it or automation capabilities. APL Tablo is still under development, it’s more GUI and at this point it’s not much for exporting, but has the ability.

That’s probably a workable solution for me. I could set Cron jobs to run right after my high priority shows finish and one very early morning to catch everything else. Thanks!! I’ll look into capto / wrapto.

I use SurLaTablo in a script run via cron on MacOS X. Should work the same on Linux. Here’s a sample of the script I run via cron:

#!/bin/sh -
set -e
cd "/Volumes/PlexMedia/"
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="Columbo" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="House" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="M\*A\*S\*H" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="Monk" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="NYPD Blue" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="Star Trek" Mp4zap1
/usr/local/bin/ --convert --query series~="3rd Rock From the Sun" Mp4zap1

I’ll look at that next. Thanks!

@FlyingDiver @djk44883. Thanks to both of you! Looking at both I think SurlaTablo will fit my needs better. I’m going to dig into that tonight!

I understand SurLa Tablo has a lot of features and options. Here’s a post by the author providing some examples.

I’ve recently obsessed tweaked my scripts and jobs for off-loading my tablo recordings, here’s some example how I use capto with wrapto, in cron jobs.
1- If a show title doesn’t exists it just passes and moves on, so you can just run all your shows every night. You don’t have to worry about adjusting if/when the network changes their schedule. (I don’t use this). It accounts for shows being stored in different locations.

set -v
capto -u

get_show {
wrapto --name "$show" --filename "%n - s%se%e.mp4" --get --all --capto-args "-p $showdir -a -q"
for show in "The Flintstones"\
			"Barnaby Jones"\
			"The People's Court"
	do get_show
for show in "black-ish"\
			"The Neighborhood"\
			 "Bless This Mess"\
			 "American Housewife"\
			 "Modern Family"\
			 "Carol's Second Act"\
			 "The Unicorn"\
			 "Single Parents"\
			 "Chicago P.D."
	do get_show

Then I don’t like show titles “The Show with the”. So I’ve add a rename line, and/or created another functions with a different filename template to “rename” the show.
sniplet --filename "$newname - s%se%e.mp4" It would pass “The People’s Court” PeoplesCourt /path/to/save

Then I decided to just do shows on the days they aired (I’ll probably regret it someday) using Case

today=$(date +\%a)
case $today in
	Sun) showcript
        Mon) showscript
  #Tue etc through the week

You could also specify the path with the file name. In the end, since I added the second tablo, it complicated things, I made small scripts for each show.
showscript might look like this-

set -x
wrapto --name "Star Trek" --get --all --filename "%n - s%se%e - %t.mp4" --capto-args "-p /media/VideoLibrary/StarTrek -a -q"

Or I could just put that line in the loop or the case day condition script. (don’t forget to --update wrapto, or -u capto)
I find it easy to just set jobs in cron.d. Some show run right there, most via a script.

Note, I’ve edited and trimmed these and may have not included everything necessary for to completely run. It’s mostly just to give an overview example.

I’m familiar with the author from the forums here. I think it’s going to do what I need. Thanks again!!