Tablo and iPhone

I brought this up before and am not too sure what’s happening in regard to it. When I try to remote access my tablo on my iPhone over the sprint network, I can never connect. All I get is "player error. Cannot play live stream ". Is this a known problem? Is it being worked on? If neither, I could use some help getting it going. Thanks.

This may not help. I know in the past I had to disable Sprint’s proxy which used to be universal. Thus you were always on SpInternet instead of the Internet. I’m an Android user. So… with that said, I haven’t had to do that as Sprint now does “right” things with regards to their SprInternet and so things like Plex and Tablo work for me even with their silly proxy, noting that a lot of that is due to configuration flexibility on the Android side (maybe made in version 5 somewhere?). So… maybe Apple doesn’t have this same flexibility and is more like my older Android versions?

Anyhow, don’t know how to disable it on an Apple phone, but you’ll likely need your MSL number (a oconfiguration unlocker) which by law, Sprint now has to give to you on request (praise the Lord!). Maybe this will point you in the right direction (or might just get you lost or mad). Of course, if this is like most things Apple you might also have to purchase an app (why, oh why, Apple?) to do this.

I guess the ultimate question is, Is anyone else using Sprint and an Apple iPhone to view Tablo? Sprint is the key here if it’s remotely associated with what I’ve said… so other providers are completely different.

Of course could be something else, in which case just file this away…

Thank you, cjcox. I’m hoping to get a reply from Tablo and see what they have to say.

(off topic) I disabled the Sprint proxy on my phone… wow! Still makes a huge difference.