Tablo and Firestick seem totally incompatible

I have several TV’s, multiple Roku’s and one Firestick. The Only reason I opted for the Firestick was due to the fact I tried everything on God’s green Earth in order to receive 5.1 audio on multiple Roku’s to absolutely No Avail. I bought the Firestick and BINGO, Instant 5.1 No Problem, HOWEVER the Firestick and Tablo work like absolute HELL together! I cannot get the FS to connect to Tablo without going to extreme measures EG: rebooting the FS, rebooting the Tablo, rebooting my router, my modem etc. It’s a Royal Pain in the AS*! It’s getting very, very, very, very OLD! Did I Mention VERY??? What is up??? Any suggestions? I am ready to abandon ship and go with cable after spending hundreds of dollars on multiple Roku’s, the Firestick, the Tablo and all the other needed accessories like the HDMI splitters, HDMI audio extractors etc., I literally have spent hundreds of dollars on all this stuff and this problem is just about to drive me over the edge. I used to have DirecTV, but Never again, those people are basically Nazi’s as far as I’m concerned. No way to DTV! Help me PLEASE!

This update for FireTV was just posted, maybe it will help.

The update @mbellaire posted above does resolve a few connectivity issues, and may improve your experience. If you continue to have the same issue afterwards, don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket, and we’d be happy to take a look and help you troubleshoot.