Tablo and Chromecast Gen 1 issues casting Recorded Programs from WebApp

Hi everyone

This seems to be an old topic from what i can see from other Tablo users that apparently hasn’t been resolved. Has anyone been able to resolve the forever stuck on “Buffering” when Chromecasting Recorded programs from the Webapp? Not only does it get stuck but it gets stuck always on the exact same timestamp everytime just like other users have complained about.

I’ve done some experiments and it doesn’t appear to be the fact it’s due to Chromecast gen 1 having limitations due to it’s 2.4Ghz band and small wifi antenna, nor bitrate.

I’ve done some experiments with different network configuration/devices and can confirm that this forever stuck on buffering only occurs with 1 particular network configuration only - when Chromecasting from the WebApp. See below (NOTE: All other parmaters kept the same ie. Recording Quality = 720@5Mbs as recommended):

Consider the following configurations I’ve tested:

  1. TABLO <- ethernet -> ROUTER <- ethernet -> PC WebApp
  • No buffering issues on recorded program
  1. TABLO <- ethernet -> ROUTER <- 2.4ghz -> Chromecast Gen 1 (cast via PC WebApp)
  • A particular recorded program ALWAYS gets stuck at exact same time index 4:12 each and every time. It “Buffers” at this timestamp forever. Other recorded programs get stuck forever on different timestamp, but consistently on that timestamp.
  • If it was a problem w/ bitrate/wifi limitation/etc. I find it highly unsual for it to always occur at the exact same timestamp.
  1. TABLO <- ethernet -> ROUTER <- 2.4Ghz -> Nexus 7 Gen 1
  • No buffering issues on recorded program
  1. TABLO <- ethernet -> ROUTER <- 2.4Ghz -> Chromecast Gen 1 (cast via Nexus 7 Gen 1 at 2.4Ghz)
  • No buffering issues on recorded program
  • This network configuration is identical to configuration #2 the only difference being it’s casted using a different device. If the explanation were true about the Chromecast gen1 with it’s limited 2.4Ghz, small wifi antenna, bitrate then this buffering issue should have occurred in this configuration as well but it does not.

I personally like to Chromecast via the WebApp during the day while I am in the office - has anyone managed to get the two to work together? Tablo Support wasn’t much help. It took a lengthy exchange of emails just to convince them that there have been others in this forum complaining of this exact same issue and just to entertain the possibility that this may not be a Chromecast Gen 1 issue but more of Tablo’s implementation of Chromecast on the WebApp.

Tablo is a great product. Works great when it does. Just wish i could use it the way i wanted to, the way it was designed to, the way it was it was suppose to.