Tablo, Alexa, Fire-TV-Recast


I never said Recast does that, I stated what I have read which is that Recast does transcode at 720p@60fps. I also stated that there is virtually no difference in quality between 1080i & 720p@60fps because there are no OTA signals at 1080p. I do not know what Recast does in transcoding 1080i signals. That is why I quoted the AFTVNews review, because that is the best info I have found at exactly what Recast is doing.


For my wife with a 3 year old wanting to watch his shows. I tried Tablo and currently have the recast. I can tell you for use. Recast is way easier to work. I have the cube on in 2 TVs and u can walk into the room and tell Alexa you want to watch. Channel 11 or like you want to want Daniel tigger as it just does it. You can higher it and lower it and have all dvr functions by voice. If some one rings the bell I can tell Alexa show me cameras and boom Arlo is up. Just for uses and how intergrades The recast wins hand down in my house hold.


Voice control is the big, major advantage most reviewers are giving the Recast. Nothing prevents Tablo from having it. My LG TV works with Google Home + Google Assistant. Tablo should consider developing a voice interface app…:money_mouth_face:


When I start vocalizing with an inanimate object as if it’s a real human, I’m sure my grandchildren will have me committed to a memory care facility.



But we’re already interfacing our senses with inanimate objects. We listen to the radio (ears), we view the televison (eyes), we read newspapers. DVRs “memorize” events, sequences and stories for us. We already talk into microphones for recording.


It’s not like we address them with human titles though, like Mr. Microphone… oh dang it…


Interesting thread, I read Tablo’s comparison page.

The Recast fixes some of my remaining gripes about the Tablo, but it only does 720p, so I’m out for now. Also from reading the reviews, it’s still too new and buggy. Might compare the two in a year or two.

In the meantime to wait for a BF sale to fix my yet-again-dead-Tablo-harddrive.


vocalizing with an inanimate object as if it’s a real human

Obviously to young to remember HAL 9000 from the original release of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

He was foolproof and incapable of error.


“as if it’s a real human”

Nope - the act of speaking is materialistically pushing air molecules towards an object - any object. That object does not have to be “human.” One speaks to a dog. A secretary dictating into a machine is speaking without assuming any human qualities in the dictation machine.

No one presupposes that Google Home is “human.” The voice is just a message composed materially of air molecules delivering a coded pattern. Google Home deciphers the pattern through its transducer which works on energy. These are purely materialistic mechanisms in a purely mechanistic, materialistic universe of encoded energy patterns.

For heaven’s sake, does one really think that @TabloTV is a real person and not a robo shill for Nuvyyo?



Good call. I’ll add “Scotty” (Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineering Officer, USS Enterprise) to that: “Com-PUTER”!



Thank you, Mr. Spock.


Ooops, didn’t realize that was a reply. Good one.