Tablo 4 Tuner "US Model" for sale (less than a year old)

We have a Tablo 4 Tuner - US Model that we want to sell. The unit is less than a year old, maybe 4 months use. The Tablo has been disconnected for the remainder of the months and stored in a box.

Asking $185 (+ whatever shipping you want to pay for it).

Message me for info.

**Note: the reason why we are selling the Tablo is because we were forced by our ISP to purchase Cable TV service due to their new data caps they instituted. Other shows we watched (not available over antenna) via APPs (HBO, etc.) utilizing our Chromecast made the data skyrocket past the amount so we ended up shutting off the Tablo and getting cable service.

What data caps do you have? Comcast had 1 TB a month, and my family streams a lot, but we usually are in the 600-800 GB range.

1TB. We were past 3TB. Since cable, 600GB a month.

I’m glad I’m on wow. No data caps. and 100 meg.

Typically, that would be like 3-4 different constant "binge"rs. Or are people downloading a lot of stuff?

My family are big time on binging… and during those months of near 8 - 12 hr daily binge sprees, we’ve never used our 1TB cap.

3TB is a LOT of data.

Are you streaming 4K? I mean, that’s a 4x load by simple definition.

I have a large family. I consider everyone power users such as myself. Easy to end the day with having downloaded/uploaded close to 40 to 50GB (me personally). Having the entire family watching videos on YouTube at 1080p 60fps, running Twitch 24/7 on their TV’s and also having streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more… having over 6+ gaming consoles on automatic updates, etc. and eat up bandwidth quickly.

I’m not sure running Twitch 24/7 on their TV qualifies as a power user or a power consumer. You would think they would become zombies or their heads would explode after that much Twitch.

And this is why I didn’t want to talk about this is because people always have something to say. I’m done talking about this. I just wanted to sell my Tablo.

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Post on eBay and Craigslist as well.

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