Tablo 4 tuner Playback problem

For the last few weeks, anytime i watch a recorded program (on a Fire TV), the Tablo aborts, and resets back to the guide. This is really irritating, and I have tried uninstalling, clearing data, reset of the hardware, resetting routers, sprinkling fairy dust…etc!

Anyone have same issue? this is happening regardless of what recording i Play.


Is it just with the Fire TV? Do you have any other devices? Computer, iPad, Android phone?

The issue is only on the Fire TV. It runs fine otherwise on web client or Ipad.

Another very annoying issue is that the FireTV won’t quick Tablo. It just returns back to what I was watching last.

I reported the latter a few weeks back to Tablo support, but have not heard back yet.

I reported that the Tablo app won’t quit either (endless loop from exit to trying to connect/live tv) on the Fire TV a couple of months ago as well. They can’t seem to reproduce the error (according to tablo support folks), thus they can’t fix it. I have learned to live with it for now by force closing the app just for my piece of mind.

As for your additional problem of recordings causing an abort and back to the guide, I have not seen that. I hope it doesn’t cause you too many headaches and hope it gets resolved for you quickly!!!

I have the same issue and find it hard to believe that they can’t reproduce it. With the app on the Fire TV, if you select Exit > OK, it simply restarts Tablo instead of exiting.

ALSO regarding the other topic on this post, I find that if I am watching LIVE TV and a recording finalizes, the app will automatically shift me to the beginning of the program that just finished recording. For example, Jeopardy was taping from 7 pm until it finishes (usually stops around 7:40) and I was watching Wheel of Fortune which is on the same channel. At 7:40 it automatically switched me to the beginning of the Jeopardy program that was recorded in the background. I find that there is often a strange bug when a program is finished recording and I am watching something else. This is using the Fire TV with the 4-tuner Tablo.

I believe they have a fix coming for the restarting of Tablo on the fire tv. If you search the forum you will find it. I think it’s related to ftv 2 because I have this problem and was part of that thread.

As for the other issue, you may want to open a ticket with support and provide as much info as possible. I remember being part of a thread where if you are recording 3 shows and watching a channel, you get bounced out of what you are watching to the guide.

And it seemed to be related to the tuner being released from the recording. I have not experienced your issue and they may not be related. It there is a topic somewhere if you search.

Not much help, but there is info in the forum. Just wanted to send a quick reply.

This will be fixed in the next build.

Can you give us a bit more detail on the Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune issue?

So you’ve set Jeopardy to record. You go to the Live TV grid and select the Channel ID to start a live stream of Wheel of Fortune or do you select the episode of Wheel of Fortune from the live TV grid?

Then when the Jeopardy recording finishes a few minutes after the half hour, it brings you from your live stream of Wheel of Fortune and into the beginning of the airing of the Jeopardy episode that just finished?

Do you have any other recordings on the go at that time? Are you using 2.2.12 firmware? What recording quality are you using?

(Sorry for the 20 questions, but the more detail we have the more likely we’ll be able to reproduce the issue!)

Firmware is 2.2.12
Recording quality is HD 720 - 5 Mbps

In this case, I have selected Wheel of Fortune from the Live Grid channel
ID. I don’t think that something else is recording at that time. It is hard
to tell if something else is/was recording with the current user interface.

As a side note, it would be a nice feature if the Recordings, TV Shows,
Movies, Sports, and Scheduled screens had an option for LIST VIEW in the
settings (e.g., not thumbnails). Also, an option to sort the Recordings
list by Most Recently Recorded at the top. One more thing, if something is
currently being recorded, on the Recording screen indicate that it is
currently being recorded. You could do that with a Red triangle in the
upper right corner of the thumbnail, as compared to the current Blue
triangle that contains a number.

Let me know if you need more information.


@Myles777 - Thanks for the detail. We’re working on reproducing this one.

FYI - In the Live TV grid, items that are currently recording will have the orange triangle and the channel ID will flash red to show tuners that are in use.