Tablo 4-tuner Lifespan?

Anyone else having issues with a Tablo 4-tuner after 18-19 months?

Thought the issue was the hard drive, but even with a new hard drive and a couple of full factory resets the Tablo is not responding appropriately.

Connection issues, complaints about network speed, but it’s entirely wired on a gigabit backbone.

Seems to be there might be some bit rot in the network interface on the Tablo. Streaming is sketchy if I can connect at all, via web app or iPad.

I hope I get at least 3 more years. Just passed the one year mark, and signed up for a lifetime subscription. First year I went with the annual,

As of May 2016 I will have had my Tablo in operation 24 months running 24/7 and no issues.

Is yours in a well ventilated area? I run mine vertically so it cools well.

Could be a bad port on a switch or marginal cable. Using a different cable and moving the tablo next to the router and directly connecting the tablo to the router might help isolate the problem.

Ventilated enough, but not actively cooled. On the cabinet under the TV. Nothing crowding it. Hard drive off to the side.

Maybe I’ll unplug it tonight, let it cool off, and try again in the morning.

Thought of that. Took the local switch out of the loop earlier and wired direct to the main. Still having problems.

I guess it could be the main switch, but it’s a professional 24-port gigabit switch. It would be the last piece of hardware I would suspect. And if it were the main, I’d see other indications. I work from home and I am on the computer all day working with online services and see no degradation. 80Mbps up/down.

Had mine for almost 2 years other than beta software no issues

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Had a friend who had a “professional” gigabit switch, but one port went bad. Can you try a different port?

Also, someone posted a while back that they were having problems and they traced it back to a dodgy cable. That might we worth a go as well.

FYI - Tablo support has peeked at my Tablo and they need to take a closer look at it. They shipped a replacement so I can send the flaky unit back.

Great support for an 18-month old device with a 12-month warranty!


FYI - Connected replacement Tablo up in identical fashion–same patch cords, same switches, ports, even same IP address–to malfunctioning unit.

It screams. Playing through the AppleTV via Plex app Tablo Channel, recordings start to stream almost instantaneously. This is something I’ve not seen ever.

Thanks for the swap!


You know - this really says something good about Tablo. I am sure you suffered thru a tuff time with the bad unit, but for a company to honor a product warranty 6 months out of warranty is unheard of these days!!! I just had a $1000 Bosch dishwasher go bad after 13 months and they just told me to pound sand. :smiley:

Hence all the exclamation marks in my recent posts!