Tablo 4 tuner hardwired to router drops antena signal once per week

I’ve been using my Tablo 4 tuner box with no issues for the past 2 years. I have an antenna in the attic area of my garage and get nice strong signals from all my local channels. However for the past three weeks, at least once per week I cannot tune any channels and I get low to no signal and a tablo error saying so. As I know the antenna and cabling is solid I have to reboot the tablo upon the restart all my local channels come in fine again. I keep the tablo on a laptop cooling fan setup on a wire shelving unit so I have good circulation and a cool machine. Any one else having this issue?

I only encounter this issue when watching Live TV, and then recordings start which use up all the tuners. Basically, there is no free tuner for me to tune to the channel I was watching.