Tablo 4 gen not recording full program

Hello my 4 gen Tablo records only records 5 minute sometimes 15 minutes of the program it was set to record. This seams to have started about the time of the last update. I have a 2t San disk ssd drive connected to the system. It also looses connection to the iOS app in my cell it seams that I have to reboot the system everyday to get connected to it again.

Sorry you’re having issues. What do you mean by “last update”? What update are you referring to?

Also, which system are you rebooting?

If you’re talking about the Tablo, have you tried rebooting your modem and router?

How about unplugging the Tablo for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in?

Yes I have tried these first rebooting router and rebooting Tablo. It started about the time I went from 2.2.48 to 2.2.50
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Any other ideas looks like about 1/3 of my programs record fully

When you say iOS app, you mean your phone or ipad?

If you iphone/ipad disconnects from the Tablo, seems like you may have low wireless signal in your home. Download inSSIDer on your laptop and confirm you have good wireless signal… anything above -70 is considered low/bad signal.

Can you confirm you have good RF signal from the Antenna? No splitters in the way? Any inline amps?

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I will look at this. I do have an amplified antenna and a splitter between the antenna , the tv , and the Tablo. Is the amplified antenna a concern? The signal is showing strong when I do a channel scan. The signal strength was better after I powered the amp in the antenna.

You could have too much signal coming in. Being “too hot” can be a problem. It’s like opening a oven door and all that heat hits you in the face. That’s how devices feel like.

I would turn off the Tablo internal Amp within the settings. Retest. Then maybe turn off the antenna amp, and retest.

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Tried this no help. I noticed that my channel is an internet Chanel. I deselected this Chanel forcing it to use an over the air Chanel. I will see how well this works. My Tablo is wired to my router so I don’t think it’s a signal issue. Also my WiFi router is less the 2 feet away from my Tablo.

After disabling the internet version of ion my whole programs are now being recorded. Now I’m wondering if this is a common problem or is there something wrong with the wired connection on my Tablo.

Are you using an external storage device?

Yes San disk 2tb