Tablo 4, connection issues

I set up my NEW tablo 4 yesterday and after a bit of struggle to get it going, I was able to connect to it via PC, Fire TV and Roku. I’ve set up a few recordings for the week, but after a while, none of my devices can connect. If I unplug the power for a minute or two, then I can connect again, but when I return a while later I cant connect, and Roku cant even see the tablo. I’ve reset my router this morning, but the same issue afterwards.

Suggestions? Thanks.

When this happens, if you just reboot the router only, does it fix your problem?

What is the make and model of your router?

ASUS RT-AC3200, No, I still had to power down the Tablo.

Is your Tablo hardwired to the router, or a network switch?
Or is it connected to your network via WiFi?

Mine’s connected to a network switch.
My Tablo, and other devices connected to that switch began to not be accessible.
Everything was working fine until I added a Rainforest EAGLE Ethernet ZigBee Gateway to the network switch.
The ZigBee Gateway is a device that connects to my utility company electric meter, and provides current, and historic electical usuage.

About once or twice a week, I noticed my Tablo, Ooma VoIP, or Sonos Connect would become unresponsive.
Sometimes it was just one of them, other times it would be more, or all of them.
Power cycling the individual devices usually didn’t bring them back online.
I had to power cycle the network switch, and then everything would be fine for another few days.

I disconnected my ZigBee Gateway, and haven’t had an unresponsive device on that network switch since.
It’s been 4 weeks, exactly.

There was a switch between the router and the Tablo, I’ve eliminated that. I’ve assigned the Tablo a static IP. Once again, I powered down the Tablo and waited, powered it up and can connect via PC and Fire TV. Checked while connected and the new static IP is showing in the Tablo GUI.
I left it connected to the PC with the guide showing, returned an hour later and it says it cannot connect and I can no longer access it with the Fire TV either. Pushing the blue reset and/or deleting sync data does not help.

Powering down is the only way to re-connect.

Well, I put a ticket in Friday evening, I’ve had to reboot my Tablo several times just to get to remote access for support at Tablo, and twice I’ve request telephone contact and given my number so we could get this done today.

Stayed home all day, kept getting emails, a firmware push, no resolution and no phone call.

Called 15 mins before they close and was #1 in the queue, then was told to leave a message.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, but I can’t reset the box if I’m not home.