Tablo 2.2.6 dropped off network


My unit has been running smoothly a few weeks and then this past week while we were gone for the holidays I noticed I couldn’t contact it for remote connections.

When I got back home I double checked and the network switch still had connectivity to it lit up but the rokus in the house couldn’t hit it either.

The front led on the unit was lit its standard blue.
I unplugged and plugged it back in and it came back to life.

Can you guys check logs from it on what happened? Do I have failing hardware ? Or something fixed on 2.2.8? Something else?

@Mario_Limonciello - It could be that your router rebooted over that time and changed the IP. Logs only cover the last few days so that will depend on whether we’re able to see what happened or not.

You can always touch base with us directly:

Hey Thanks for replying. I was suspecting it could have been a router reboot, but even when I got back home I couldn’t get any roku clients or Android clients to connect “in house” either so it seemed like the unit was frozen or something.

I’ll get in touch with you guys on that link and can see if you guys have access to the logs. I’ll keep an eye out for this happening again too.