Tablo: 2.2.18: No Guide, No new recordings

Hi all,

The last month or so, our tablo refuses to show a guide (AppleTV, Chrome on Mac, Chrome on IPad, Safari for MacOS). Also, no new recordings have occurred in the same period of time.

I’m about ready just to reset the tablo to factory settings and start over, but wanted to see if there were any fixes known out there?

Thank you,

@grossinm - That’s quite peculiar.

When you go to your settings screen, when does it say your guide last updated?

It should be within the last day, regardless of whether you have an active subscription.

While you’re there, that’s something else you should check on… If your subscription expired, your series recording settings will be lost.

It was updated within the last day…and we have a lifetime subscription on this unit.

@grossinm If you give our support team a shout, we can take a look from our end and see what’s going on.

Let them know which Tablo app you’re using (it may also help just to try reinstalling it, this will give it a fresh ‘sync’ in case things aren’t up to date)