Tablo 2.1.30 Locks Roku 3 while fast forwarding preview

I’ve never seen this in previous releases, but now two days in a row:

  1. Play program.
  2. FF preview to the start (works fine)
  3. FF preview to past the first commercial break, try to start playing

and it stays in the preview screens mode with a partially filled progress bar. Roku is completely hosed at that point, cannot go back to main menu or anything. One time the roku simply rebooted. The second I had to pull power.

After the reboot, similar actions do not seem to cause the same thing again.

Version 2.1.30, enable fast live TV startup is checked, leanback mode is not checked.

Anyone seeing similar?

Some people here are still experiencing the Roku reboot problem using fast forward. The Tablo folks are working with the Roku folks on this, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to submit a ticket with information about what happened.

Yep this has happened with others on FF. They’ll ask you for Roku model, Roku SN, and reboot time so they can look into it further with Roku.

Thanks. Good to hear I am not the only one with the problem…

Same thing is happening to my Roku 3 too. Keeps rebooting using Tablo Beta only. If I use the old Tablo app in Roku it does not break.

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Me too, if you need another instance.

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