Table skipping Manual Recording

All the sudden today, the tablo started skipping some manual recording. I put in 2 college games this morning, when I check to see if they were recording they were not. Also I have a manual setup reoccurring news program on 2 channels and it skipped one and recorded the other, both schedules have been in there for more than a year, all new manual recording setups are being skipped. If I setup the recording with the schedule on the tablo guide it works and records. I am confused, is there a new bug, what is going on.
Just for troubleshooting I setup 2 more manual recording shows just some random ones and it missed both of them, not setup with the guide.

Can you send us a ticket with the details? Please include the channel numbers, the manual recordings you set up, and which ones failed. With the right information, we can get to the bottom of this quickly.