Table Connect Upload Speed Requirments

What are the upload speed requirements for Table Connect. I just purchased a 4 turner version and I am evaluating my internet speed to see if it will keep up.

I am averaging about 4MBPS up and 20MBPS down. Is that sufficient for two streams over Tablo Connect?

No it is not for the Remote Streaming Quality at Full Quality. lease read this article below. For example, if you set your Tablo to 720p 5 Mbps, you will need an internet service with at least 5 Mbps as the upload speed for it to work properly. Two streams would require at least 10 Mbps. As well, even if your internet has a quoted 5 Mbps upload speed, you will not get smooth playback remote due to overhead. In this case, you’d want to use the 720p 3 Mbps recording quality.

You can remotely stream using your 4 Mbps upload speed by lowering the remote streaming quality (this setting is done per device on the client side aka it is device specific). Read “Setting Remote Streaming Quality” section in the link below. You can set it to 2 Mbps for example, but this transcodes the video to a lower bitrate so you will notice lower quality video. The use of a RSQ that is lower than FQ such as the 2 Mbps also uses 1 tuner to transcode the video, so if you’re recording 4 shows (aka using 4 tuners) at one time you would not be able to watch remotely.