I personally would love a TabloTV cord cutting shirt.

I would personally LOVE to get some made and deliver one to you Fred. 

Let’s see if we can convince the powers that be… 

Anyone else up for a Tablo t-shirt??? 
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Awesome!  I would (smile).

I would love a t-shirt and wear it proudly!

Count me in, large tall…

T-shirt would be cool.

Yo!   I’m large, uh, short.  :-D

XL here please

Size 3x…alot of advertising space.

I would love one!  XL  Thanks for considering it!

I would wear one as well.  XL size.

I would love to wear it and proudly!  M size.

I’m down for promoting! M size :slight_smile:

Me too. XL

By the way I am a L

xxl for me please! 

xxl Ill be a big billboard if the price is right :slight_smile:

XXL Please

more realestate for more words…
Can you make it with something like cutting the cord on the front with a DirecTV crossed out and AT&T below that crossed out…

Add me to the yes list!

Me2@  XXL please…