T-mobile just keeps getting better


Unfortunately I won’t be able to take advantage of it… my grandfathered deal is just too good. They’ve told me if I like my plan, I can keep my plan.

If you have grandfathered unlimited definitely keep it. The new plans are nice but they don’t offer LTE tethering which is garbage.

I won’t be changing either. My grandfathered plan is less than current prices. My plan includes 7 GB of tethering which would be $15 additional. Plus i have a Veterans discount. The next thing T-mobile could do is let you have all the discounts you qualify for…for example, work, Veteran, AARP but I haven’t heard of any such plan.

Better how?

Not only does this fly in the face of net neutrality rules, it also effectively increases the prices that current unlimited users have been paying from $80/mo to $110 for the same level of service!

(70/mo +25 for HD video +15 for tethering)

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After reading the fine print and talking to them, >'m not switching as my grandfathered plan is better since it includes 7 GB tethering and unlimited high speed data.

FYI, these plans are not great at all… This is a good rundown.

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Agreed, I am a new customer and I made sure to sign up so that I could get the 6GB plan. I would rather have 6GB LTE for data/tether/whatever than be limited on the those things.