Synch. forever

My phone connects but taking forever to sync. Also I get Player Error 0. Retried when I try to watch live.

Thanks to a coworker I just tried to set up s recording and it does’t work either. @tablotv any idea what the problem is?

Is this while using Tablo Connect at work?

What is the make and model of your phone?

If it’s Sprint,  you need to get your MSL code (by law Spint now has to give it to you if you request it) and then you must go into the maint settings (dial the magic code) and zero out the Sprint proxies.  Getting the MSL codes from Sprint was the first thing I did for our new phones.

Sprint’s proxies get in the way… well especially of the standard Plex player, but might get in the way of Tablo as well.


Take note of @cjcox’s comment here on Sprint devices.

If this isn’t the case, try retesting Tablo Connect (just turn it on and off) when you’re back your home network to make sure all the ports are working correctly.

hmmm… so it was just taking awhile (not forever) before.  You do have to wait a bit for sync.  And obviously, if you have a sporadic or very slow connection, it can take longer.

That’s why I’ve started syncing at home via WiFi.  I might go to Starbucks this weekend without sync and see how it does using the wifi there.

After I got home and did the sync last night and then this morning, sync at lunch was ok because it only had a few new shows.

Remote syncing is based on your internet upload speed and as well as the remote internet download speed.

It appears that Taco Cabana blocks ports, but I was able to sync at Starbucks Google and it was fast.  I still think it is best to sync prior to leaving home.

I finally got around to calling Sprint, and removed the proxies.  It is MUCH faster now.  Thanks @cjcox

You’re welcome… wait… that’s not my name… :slight_smile: