Sync time very long

Maybe it is my typical American attitude, but I went to show my wife last night how she could watch TV on her computer and the sync took like 4-5 minutes. Then this morning on the iPad it took a couple minutes if not more. Is there anyway to make the sync faster???

The good news is that once you have done a sync for a particular device, you shouldn’t have to do one again except when getting new firmware or a new version of a client.

I had already setup yesterday on the iPad. So only thing I can think is I got rid of some channels, could that cause the sync then?

Yes.  The Tablo isn’t really smart enough to know whether you added channels or deleted channels, so it did a sync because there was a channel change.

When you connect now on one of your synced devices, the menu should come up a lot quicker.  There still may be a Tablo detection screen, but you shouldn’t have to sync again.

Thanks for that, I still need to delete some other channels, but having issues with that. But at least I know why the syncing now

I call bs on the ‘you shouldn’t have to do this except when the firmware updates’

I’ve given up on the Tablo sync issue I complained when it was officially in beta and now we have the same problems for supposedly production software.

It still regularly take 5 minutes or more to sync. I fail to see why more channels should matter when this thing is on a local gigabit network.

I give up on the Tablo whenever this happens
I don’t care that it is the first time or not. This is not usable.


I just posted this in a another thread, but incase you were wondering:

Syncing is a relative process, and is very dependent on a few things:

 - The amount of channels and data on your Tablo. This includes channels, scheduling, recordings, schedules, how long it's been since your last sync, etc.
- All of this information versus your home network speed. The path here is Tablo > network > device being synced. 

Our engineers are looking at optimizing this process to make syncing faster and more efficient, so we're hoping to have some improvements here soon.

I don’t think the ongoing sync issues can all be passed off and pointed to as it’s something the customer does not have right in the network, the number of channels, the scheduling, how long it has been since a sync etc. Your instructions and expectations are also lacking.  For example I watched my Syncing problem for over an hour. No where did it say on any of your pages that you recommend Google Chrome as a browser.  Perhaps you don’t?  I fired up chrome and logged into my tablo and they sync took less than a minute while the same process trying to run in Opera had never started. 

Chrome and Safari are really the only two browsers supported.