Sync on TV using WiFi

I have Tablo connected with Ethernet to network. Using app on Smart TV to connect to via WiFi to network and Tablo. Words and picture area not in sync. Any suggestion to fix this?

If you’re talking about the guide this is an issue I have on my Roku devices too. It sometimes will eventually update, but more often I don’t wait for it. Description (words) updates quickly, but the image can be from an item 5 channels up.
I’ve just accepted it.

No, not the guide the show. Wondering if internet speed is problem.

Thank you for responding

Does it work OK in a browser using ?

Yes, it is

Sounds like a problem with the TV. What type? What Tablo client?

FWIW, Internet speed is not relevant for the Tablo to client connection.

Thanks, it is an Insignia + Roku built in TV

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