Sync ing FOREVER

Why casn’t Android phones be like AppleTV and Roku and NOT have a synch process? Synching is the SLOWES T thing if you don’t do it for a few days.
I tried to watch a recording that shows and it does NOT play while Synch FOREVER LOOP is happening.

Forcing the client to (copy) store the database is not the greatest design decision. In fact, it’s a really bad design decision. Really bad. It’s bad. Don’t ya know?

Roku and AppleTV were done correctly. I don’t know if iPkhone syncs or not or if any of the other clients synch.

How does Roku and AppleTV manayge without having to synch?

iPhones sync. I just put my phone down and go do something else. But yes it takes forever sometimes, that I think the app froze.

My android tv takes forever too. It is annoying.

I have the same issue. Syncing over wifi on iPhone is ridiculously slow. Its not even worth having if it takes over 10 minutes to sync.