Switching internet providers

So today am switching internet service providers from Verizon Fios to Comcast. I’ll be getting rid of the verizon router that the current tablo is connected to and connecting it to the new comcast router. I should be doing it in about 1 hr. What should I expect as far as adjustments in my setup?

Yesterday, I added a new router to my current setup (wanted to use AC networking).   So I had to unhook everything from my Uverse residential gateway (including my Tablo), set up the old gateway in passthrough mode, and change it’s IP address (so that the new router would still use 192.168.1.x set of addresses).

After I configured the new router and plugged in my Tablo to it, it still retained it’s IP address of  My Roku and tablet apps connected to it fine with no new configuration, but my Chrome browser wouldn’t connect (it could see my Tablo, but it kept giving authentication errors for some reason).   I did fix it by hitting the reset button on the Tablo.  After that, I could re-sync to it on my Chrome browsers just fine.

The only thing I can’t do right now is get the Tablo Connect ports to work , but I submitted a ticket for that earlier today.

Thanks for the info snowcat. I’m still in the process of switching over with comcast (the install guy is here now) so hopefully I’ll get things up and running shortly.

@jwhiteseljwhitesel - Let us know if you run into any problems. We’re always here to help!

Everything went smoothly. Plugged it into the new router, hit the reset and I was up and running. Did a reboot of the Roku and AppleTV and all was good! Tablo, thanks for making things so easy!

Excellent - that’s what we like to hear  :-bd